Closed petition Introduce a ban on the most polluting fibres in fashion by 2025

Last year, 4.2bn items of clothing were sold in the UK. The majority made from conventional cotton, generic viscose and virgin polyester; fibres with a huge carbon footprint. How is this allowed at a time of climate emergency? We’re calling on the government to ban the most polluting fibres by 2025.

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Fashion accounts for 10% of global CO2 emissions yet is unregulated. A main factor is usage of conventional cotton, generic viscose and virgin polyester - fibres produced using vast amounts of pesticides, chemicals, water and fossil fuels. We need regulation fast. A ban is easy to enact and 4 years reasonable time to transition to eco-friendlier alternatives. The result; a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, soil- and water pollution, and a tangible positive impact on the planet.

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