Rejected petition Cressida Dick to be sacked & an inquiry held re khan failing to keep London safe

Overall crime in London continues to rise, and Mayor Sadiq Khan has now admitted to the press that the capital's streets are not safe for women or girls - thus admitting he has failed in his duty to protect his constituents. Both he and Cressida Dick are also responsible for the events in Clapham.

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The Home Office must act swiftly to remove Cressida Dick from office and to launch a full inquiry into why Sadiq Khan is failing in his duty to protect London citizens.

"In London, the elected Mayor – Sadiq Khan, is the equivalent of the Police and Crime Commissioner and is responsible for the totality of policing in the capital (outside of the City of London)." -

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Furthermore, scrutiny of the Mayor of London is the responsibility of the London Assembly, not the UK Government or House of Commons.

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