Closed petition Make sending unsolicited nudes a specific criminal offence

I have, and every female I know has, been a receiver of unwanted photos of a male's genitals. Some containing captions like, "I know you want it", and "You can't handle this". This is a duplication of one pulling their trousers down in public, and uttering these phrases, otherwise known as flashing.

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Flashing is a known trait of a sexual predator and one of the first signs of a potential rapist. Flashing, virtually, can build their confidence in sexual perpetrations. When the offender sends these non-consensual photos, when not asked for by the recipient, it is identical to flashing someone in public. If they get a criminal offence on record for this it could prevent them from developing into involvement in worse sexual offences. Flashing is a sexual offence, so why is it normalised when virtual?

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