Rejected petition Schools need to teach about consent/rape/assault/abuse etc. in sex education.

Sex education in school is a very taboo topic. They teach us things about "how to put a condom on a banana" but not what is classed as a "yes" / "no" when it comes to consent. There needs to be more in depth sex education lessons including topics on rape, sexual abuse/assault verbally and physically

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Unfortunately, you can be taken advantage of at any age no matter your gender.
Sexual education is a lesson in school where you laugh and mess about. However, there needs to be a serious side.
Young teens may not realise they have been sexually assaulted or may not realise they have assaulted someone.
With a larger focus on these crimes, it could benefit teens in the future.
Teachers need to address these topics to protect their students and to also educate them on issues in the world.

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The Government's new Relationships and Sex Education curriculum, which is mandatory in all state schools from this year, requires that students are now taught about key aspects of the law relating to sex, which include the age of consent, what consent is and is not, the definitions and recognition of rape, sexual assault and harassment, and that sexual violence and sexual harassment are not acceptable:

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