Closed petition Make pre-9pm taxis a tax-free business expenses so staff can get home safely

Like many, we were shocked by recent events and the scale of the reports of violence against women.

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We have been looking at how we can ensure the safety of our staff. Currently, HMRC views taxis home pre-9pm as a taxable expense, which will cost employees. In the UK, where it gets dark at 5pm for a third of the year, this is unjustifiable.

According to a 2020 White Paper by the Global Business Travel Association, safety is the top priority for 60% of people when choosing how to travel for business.

But currently, only taxis employees take home from work after 9pm are viewed as a legitimate business expense: taxis taken home from work before 9pm, however, regardless of context, are viewed as a taxable benefit.

We are asking that HMRC changes its rules around taxis to make it easier for businesses to make sure staff get home safe.

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