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Petition Require employers with more than 250 employees to introduce a Menopause Policy

According to the Government Report on Menopause, ‘menopausal women are the fastest growing workforce demographic’. The average age for a woman to go through menopause is 51. The average age of female suicide is between 45 & 49.
Nearly 8 out of 10 of menopausal women are in work.

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Many line managers say that they don’t feel confident talking about menopause. They don’t know enough about it or how they can help. A Government-commissioned report on menopause highlights the need for employers to put in place training, processes and information so all colleagues have a clear understanding of menopause. Whether it’s a policy or guidance document – it’s best if it’s written down and well publicised. A written Menopause policy for all large employers would be a significant step.

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Share your views on support for people experiencing menopausal symptoms

On Wednesday 9 June, Carolyn Harris MP is leading a debate on support for people experiencing menopausal symptoms.

To inform her debate, she wants to understand your insights and experiences of this issue.

She may quote your story directly during her debate.

Find out more and share your experiences here:

You’ll be able to watch the debate from 4.50pm on Wednesday 9 June on this page. The debate transcript and other relevant material will be accessible shortly after the debate.

The deadline for contributions is midday on Tuesday 8 June.

What are Westminster Hall debates?

Westminster Hall debates give MPs an opportunity to raise local or national issues and receive a response from a government minister. Any MP can take part in a Westminster Hall debate.

Debates in Westminster Hall take place on ‘general debate' motions expressed in neutral terms. These motions are worded ‘That this House has considered [a specific matter]'.

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