Closed petition Provide paid miscarriage leave to women who lose a pregnancy before 24 weeks.

Currently, if you miscarry before 24 weeks (almost six months) you are not entitled to any paid leave - it will be at the discretion of your doctor to sign you off, or not. We are asking for statutory paid miscarriage leave, similar to what the New Zealand government have recently introduced.

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We want the UK government to investigate how much paid leave would be appropriate, and to introduce a policy whereby any woman who miscarries would be able to take paid time off to recover, if she feels she needs it.

In New Zealand, anyone who miscarries is entitled to three days paid leave. This isn't a huge amount - but it's enough time to deal with the initial physical disruption that comes with pregnancy loss, and it's a whole lot better than nothing.

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Paid miscarriage leave debated by MPs

On Tuesday 8 March, Angela Crawley MP led a Westminster Hall debate in Parliament on paid miscarriage leave.

Watch the debate, read the transcript and access other relevant material:

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