Closed petition Ban all extraction of peat for horticulture by 2022.

The protection of our peatlands is essential in combatting climate and ecological breakdown. A wet, pristine peat bog soaks up CO2, whereas damaged peatlands have become a significant net source of greenhouse gases, emitting over 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) each year.

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The government have committed £640m through the Nature for Climate Fund to restore 35,000 hectares of England's peatland by 2025.

DEFRA "We will also phase out the use of peat in horticulture in England by 2030, and have been clear that we will consider further measures to end the use of peat once and for all."

It seems incongruous to be depleting the peatlands whilst also dedicating to restore them. A healthy garden has no need for the use of peat, and we implore the government to act faster.

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