Closed petition Introduce 3 point penalty on driving licence for litter thrown from any vehicle

Increase penalties for throwing litter from any vehicle 3 points on their driving licence. To include not putting rubbish in the bins in lay-bys etc. Human waste / bottles of urine increase to 4 points. It is hoped this will get the message across that littering is unacceptable as well as illegal.

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The roads in our country are a disgrace as far as litter is concerned, it is antisocial, dangerous to the environment and wildlife. Drive along any road or pull into a lay-by to see the extent of this. Get our country clean again, we are one of the worst in Europe now. The amount of bottles filled with urine thrown from trucks and lay-bys full of litter including human faeces, shameful.
There are man voluntary litter pickers doing a great job but it is too dangerous to pick the main roads.

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