Closed petition Give all children born in the UK after 1 Jan 1983 rights to British citizenship

Grant all children born in the UK, including children of ethnic minorities & those in care, lifelong right to be registered as British citizens for free.

Nationality laws from 1983 are outdated and neither reflect nor uphold modern values of equal rights for all. Apartheid was legal in 1983.

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The Commonwealth built the British economy & fought her wars.

The descendants of the commonwealth who were born in the UK, can't be registered once they turn 18, regardless of their parents being settled in UK.

Nobody has control over where they're born, yet children of non-EU ethnicity who were born in the UK are not covered by any settlement scheme.

There is no justification for this discrimination. The fee for EU settlement is comparison to non-EU registration is unfair & disproportionate.

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