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Closed petition Increase funding for Black, Asian and minority skin tone NHS prosthetics

To increase funding for the NHS to provide breast and other prosthetics required after cancer surgery in a range of skin tone colours to suit people within the Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities. This should improve mental health and aid recovery following surgery.

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Following breast cancer surgery, many women are offered a temporary breast prosthesis. There are experiences of women with darker skin tones from the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities are being offered a white flesh colour skin tone prosthesis. This is affecting their mental health, recovery and ability to integrate back into normal life following surgery. We need to help these patients, who have already suffered cancer, feel respected and valued by being treated equally and fairly.

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MPs investigate innovations in cancer care

A group of MPs called the Health and Social Care Committee are looking into innovations that can transform cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Read the Committee's press notice announcing this work.

The Committee is considering points including:

  • What innovations have the greatest potential to transform cancer diagnosis and treatment

  • How innovations in diagnosing and treating cancer can be deployed into frontline clinical settings

  • What can be learnt about innovative cancer diagnosis and treatment from international examples of best practice

  • How workforce planning is keeping up with innovations in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer

  • How the impact of innovations in cancer diagnosis and treatment on health inequalities is taken into account

What happens next?

The Committee is going to conduct oral evidence sessions where it will hear from experts in the sector as well as Government and NHS officials.

An evidence session is a hearing where MPs ask key experts, such as Ministers, academics and/or campaigners, questions on a particular topic. These experts are called "witnesses" and they help MPs to gain a deeper understanding of the topic.

The Committee will then consider all the evidence it has taken and publish a report of its findings with recommendations to the Government on any changes that might be needed.

For more information about the inquiry, visit the Committee's inquiry page.

What is the Health and Social Care Committee?

The Health and Social Care Committee is a cross-party group of MPs that conduct inquiries into issues in Health and Social Care in the UK.

The Health and Social Care Committee is a select committee.

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