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Petition Include Dry Slope (artificial slope) Skiing & Snowboarding in GCSE PE

Currently GCSE Physical Education excludes dry slope skiing and snowboarding, whereas the Welsh specification GSCE allows for skiing and snowboarding on artificial slopes. I would like the GCSE Specification within England amended to include skiing and snowboarding on artificial slopes (dry-slope)

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The current specification only allows for skiing and snowboarding on snow (outdoor/indoor). There are 4 indoor slopes in England, compared to 30 outdoor ski slopes. Dry slope skiing and snowboarding is the grass roots of England's most successful skiers and snowboarders, including Olympians and Paralympians. Skiing and snowboarding on artificial dry slope requires a high level of technique as detailed in the Welsh GCSE skills list, and races are held on them under Snowsport England's rules.

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