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Petition Calculate Vehicle Excise Duty (road tax) based on mileage, not a flat rate

I want the Government to change the Road tax to a mileage system. This tax should reflect the emissions that the car gives out. If I use a car once a week, I'm using less emissions than somebody using it every day, so why am I paying the same amount of road tax?

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I am personally affected because I own a car that I only drive on the weekends, as I work from home and own another vehicle for commuting. It is ridiculous that I have to pay £630 per year to drive a car once a weekend. This is more than my car insurance. Why is this tax not based on mileage? I am tired of being told how much tax is with no explanation.

Linking road tax to mileage would also mean there were financial incentives for using a car less, which could help reduce emissions.

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