Closed petition Increase State Pensions to £400 a week and fund free adult social care for all

We want the Government to provide adequate "Cradle to Grave" care by increasing State pensions for all British pensioners to £400 a week, and fund free residential care for all, abolishing requirements to sell property to pay for this. The State should pay. This is what we all pay income taxes for.

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We the petitioners demand the State pension is increased substantially and universally to £400 a week for all British pensioners. This should increase yearly based on average earnings, or inflation, whichever the higher to protect the value of the State pension.

Millions of elderly people in Britain today are living in poverty, having to choose between eating, and heating their homes because the UK's State pension is so low at around £7,000 a year. This is unacceptable in 21st Century Britain.

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