Closed petition Make it mandatory for Police & CPS to provide counselling to ALL victims of CSA

Make it mandatory the Police & Crown Prosecution Service provide ALL victims of child sexual abuse with counselling & support before during & after trial without prejudicing justice. This is in gov legislation, but the CPS & Police still advise victims it can affect the trial. This needs to end.

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It is a moral duty for CPS & police to provide counselling to CSA victims without fear it may affect their trial.

Declan was raped by a paedophile. His mum begged CPS, Police & Local Authority to provide counselling for her children but was told this would contaminate court evidence. Declan took his own life at 13. His death could have been prevented. "Declan's Law" would ensure future CSA victims get the support they deserve when it’s needed.

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The Government is asking for people's views on how victims can be better supported through and beyond the criminal justice process across England and Wales. Responses will be used to inform the proposed Victims' Bill, which the Government states will "ensure that victims are properly engaged throughout the justice system, empowering them to come forward and be confident that offenders will be brought to justice".

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The survey closes on 3 February 2022.

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The consultation is being run by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), which is responsible for the judiciary, the court system and prisons and probation in England and Wales, with some additional UK-wide responsibilities such as the UK Supreme Court, and judicial appointments by the Crown.

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