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Petition Ban the sale, possession and importation of kangaroo meat, body parts and skins

We would like the Government to ban the sale, possession and importation of kangaroo meat, body parts, leather and skins in the UK. We request that the UK take a stand against the wildlife trade and legislate to prohibit all products originating from free ranging wild kangaroos.

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In the UK, killing animals by a non-mechanical percussive blow to the head is prohibited. When shooters kill kangaroos with pouch young, the code of practice requires a joey to be killed by decapitation or a concussive blow to the head. Shooters asked for guidance on killing pouch joeys, yet no training was offered. In 2019, an estimated 100,000 to 200,000 young died based on records of females killed. We believe the commercial killing of kangaroos breaches legislation and should be prohibited.

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