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Petition Reform the VDPA 1979 to improve support for those harmed by covid-19 vaccines

Reform the Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979 so that it can provide more timely and substantive support for those harmed as a result of receiving a covid-19 vaccine. The current scheme is archaic and inadequate. The new scheme should be more accessible, visible and applicant friendly.

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The Pearson Commission found that those injured as a result of vaccination should have access to financial support. The VDPA was intended to provide that access, but fails: data suggests that less than 2% of applications in recent years have been successful, and there is a maximum payment of £120,000 and a threshold of 60% disablement. Reforming the VDPA will maintain vaccine confidence and provide urgent support for those injured/bereaved through covid-19 vaccination.

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