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Petition Make law/part of MOT - high viz vests + first aid kit in a Vehicle in the U.K.

It should be law and part of the MOT in the U.K that every Vehicle should carry high visibility vests 1 per seat as well as a first aid kit( which is in date) . If these items are not present in the vehicle it does not pass its test. Might just save quite a few lives even one.

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On my way home from work today I saw an accident where nobody had a first-aid kit or a high viz jackets when I got out to help. Luckily the drivers of the vehicle were fine but what if it was another story. Who had a first aid kit to save a life? I had to go to a local business to borrow a high fix jacket to control the follow of traffic. I am asking to for you to sign this petition to get it to parliament to make it law during a MOT to have this in the vehicle and in date.Thank you for reading.

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