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Petition Prohibit restaurants and cafes from asking customers to sign "allergy waivers"

There are reports of restaurants and cafes asking customers to sign "allergy waivers".

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You aren’t asked to sign a waiver for any other medical condition nor are you asked to sign a waiver in case of food poisoning so, why should it be different if you have an allergy? It shouldn’t be.

The Government needs to ensure that "allergy waivers" do not become the norm by banning their use.

Catering for allergies is possible and is not difficult.

Many restaurants and cafes actively engage in training to understand and better serve allergy customers. They are food champions and should be used as examples of excellence.

The use of waivers will damage progress in food safety, put allergy customers - and others - at risk, and increase social isolation for those with allergies.

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