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Rejected petition Make behaviour, consent, sexual harassment and abuse mandatory curriculum

I want you to educate all our children on what is and is not acceptable behaviour, what sexual harassment and abuse is, how to report it, what will be done. Teach them respect, equality and to support each other in standing against unacceptable behaviour and sexual harassment.

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Our children deserve to feel safe and not feel pressured into providing images of themselves or performing sexual acts that they don't want to do. They deserve to be free from sexual harrassment and abuse, whether its rumour, name calling or physical assault. Regardless of whether boy or girl, age or race, should feel empowered to report abuse whether during school, outside school or at home. The only way to do this is to educate our children properly. From primary to end of secondary school

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The Government's new Relationships and Sex Education curriculum, which is mandatory in all state schools from this year, requires that students are now taught about key aspects of the law relating to sex, which include the age of consent, what consent is and is not, the definitions and recognition of rape, sexual assault and harassment, and that sexual violence and sexual harassment are not acceptable:

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