Rejected petition Allow at least one person at the bedside of a sick patient while in hospital

We all know you can get very young adults ,special adults all named under the word (adult) but some need more support and having that support at the bedside before and after an operation would have a long time beneficial effect on them recovering from surgery.

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You would have less people getting depressed and needing mental help support once out of the hospital. We are all a nation of needing to be with others, as we have learnt over these current times.Not being able to go in the ambulance with a very frightened young adult for support can be a very very scary moment but having a familiar face can help calm a situation down.

This petition was rejected

Why was this petition rejected?

It’s about something that the UK Government or Parliament is not directly responsible for.

Visiting policies for individual hospitals are a matter for NHS England and individual NHS trusts, not the Government or House of Commons. You should contact your local hospital to find out what their visiting policy is, if you're unsure.

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