Closed petition Add cycling awareness to driving tests and require regular awareness tests

The Government should:
- Require all new drivers to demonstrate cycling awareness in order to pass their driving test.
- Require existing drivers to take a cycling awareness test every five years.

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There are widespread reports of drivers opening car doors without checking for cyclists, stopping on cycling lanes, pulling in front of cyclists, and failing to check for cyclists when turning. There are too many deaths and injuries among cyclists, and drivers' lack of awareness isn’t helping. In 2018, DfT data shows there were 99 deaths, 4,106 serious injuries and 13,345 minor injuries affecting cyclists. Accidents between cars and cyclists can happen because drivers are not aware of cyclists and the space they need. If all drivers were required to experience cycling for themselves, they would be more aware of the hazards facing cyclists. We need to make the roads safer for all.

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