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Petition Commission a review of fertility treatment for same-sex/LGBTQ+ couples

The Government should review fertility treatment in England to ensure equality of access for LGBT+ and same-sex couples, and to make treatment consistent with Wales & Scotland.

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This review should investigate:

- Whether sufficient support for home insemination is available

- The application of NICE guidelines by CCGs

- How the apparent ‘postcode lottery’ in fertility treatment can be ended

Reports suggest that some CCGs are forcing LGBTQ+ couples & single women to self-fund artificial inseminations in expensive private clinics to ‘prove infertility’, before they qualify for help. However most heterosexual couples qualify after 2 years of unprotected sex, which holds no additional financial cost. It feels discriminatory to force LGBTQ+ people to use private clinics if they want to access safe, medically-screened sperm, or risk more dangerous routes, or give up on hopes of creating a family.

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