Rejected petition End the inappropriate use of isolation against children in schools.

Protect children against inappropriate use of isolation in school. The most recent non-statutory advice for Headteachers and staff in all schools (DfE, 2014) suggests schools could adopt a policy that allows disruptive pupils to be placed in an area (an isolation room) for a limited period.

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The 2002 ‘Guidance for schools settings’ by the Department for Education classed seclusion as ‘Restrictive Physical Intervention’ which was only to be used in an emergency situation.
School should be a positive experience for children. They are now placed into isolation for the wrong haircut or style of trousers. This punishment is possibly against their human rights. School is now run like a prison. It is time we faced up to this and it is time we did something about it.

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Ban use of isolation booths in schools:

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