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Petition Require sex of VATP & sexual offenders be recorded throughout justice system.

The law should require that all authorities throughout criminal justice system (police, courts, prisons & probation) record the biological sex of all individuals investigated, charged, convicted, imprisoned for the offence types i) VATP & ii) "sexual offences" including rape & attempted rape.

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VATP - Violence Against the Person

MOJ Offender Management Statistics (OMS-Q) show that > 99% of all sexual offenders are male (never below 99% for two decades 2001-20).

ONS & Eurostats (2018) show 88-90% of those "sexually offended against" are female.

Sex - 'protected characteristic' Equality Act 2010
- biological & immutable Lancet 8 Dec 2018

Consistent with UK Govt's commitment to act on male violence against women & girls incl MOJ "End-to-End Rape Review" published 18 June 2021.

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