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Petition Create NHS Day National Holiday + Payment of National Gratitude Bonus to staff

July 5th is the Anniversary of the NHS creation - To show gratitude for the work of the NHS & it's Staff, Parliament to make the date an annual National Holiday & all NHS employees awarded a one off Bonus of 5% salary (2021) with the gratitude of a nation indebted to their dedication and sacrifice

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The Pandemic has shown everyone how much we need our NHS & how much we need the professionalism, skill & courage of its staff. It is time for practical steps in response to what is owed & by creating an annual 'NHS Day' on July 5th we recognise the importance of the NHS to us all. By paying a one-off Gratitude Bonus to employees of the NHS we show, in a small way, how thankful we are that when the crisis arose the staff responded on our behalf without hesitation and at great risk to themselves

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