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Petition Increase the sentence for Racist Hate Crime from 6 months to minimum 5 years

Increase the sentences for the offence of improper use of a public communication network if it’s a racist hate crime from 6 months to 5 years. There is currently no statutory aggravated form of this offence to take into account racist motivations.

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Introduce minimum fines of £5,000 per instance. Consider adding the removal of all Social Media access for anyone found guilty of online Racist Hate Crime. Relaunch the CPS guidelines for said crimes using SocMedia

The recent online abuse of several English football players, following the penalty shoot-out in the Euro 2020 final was to me, sickening. I feel strongly that there is not enough of a deterrent for offenders and equally not enough visibility of what punishments are likely to be given if found guilty. I believe there is an appetite for the people of this country to stand up and make a difference. I believe this petition will act as a spark to ignite the flame of effective and sustainable change.

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