Rejected petition Comprehensive review of deterrent sentences across current racism legislation

Review and update current legislation (with the help of external experts, as necessary) such that deterrent sentences will be imposed on acts of racism.

Current statutory guidelines are inadequate and non-punitive, resulting in the wanton display of racism out in the open (e.g. post Euro 2020)

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Racism is institutionally embedded across the UK; current legislation is neither harsh nor punitive enough to deter overt or covert forms of racism.

Current burden of proof also tends to be on the victims and not the perpetrators.

There isn't sufficient oversight over the government bodies to prosecute cases, when these crimes actually make it past the investigations stage.

A sea-change is required, and this needs to be driven from the top and via enforceable / deterrent legislation.

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The Law Commission are already in the middle of conducting a review, which you can view the progress of here:

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