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Closed petition The Government needs to give additional support to UK importers & retailers.

The Government needs to provide short term reductions and/or holidays on Import Duty being levied on imported products and a reduction in VAT. The Pandemic has created a fractured market and freight rates are now prohibitive (particularly for SMEs), which may lead to widespread business failures.

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Importers & Retailers have already endured a tough 18 months throughout the Pandemic. The high street has been decimated, and jobs have been lost. If the Government do not take action over the short term, the implications will be detrimental to the retail sector and the UK economy more broadly:

1. UK Wholesalers and Retailers may go out of business
2. Job losses
2. Risk of dramatic inflationary impact hitting the UK consumer, at a time when economy is recovering.

Please help.#doRightbyRetail

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