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Rejected petition To make it against the law for dogs to be out in temperatures over 19 degrees.

I would like some rule against having dogs pets out walking in this heat, its very distressing for dogs & dog lovers seeing the animals being dragged around in this heat its too hot and many dogs are dying from having irresponsible dog owners.

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I would like this because so many people dont think about the consequences of having dogs out in this heat, they cook from the inside out loads of dogs are dying from heatstroke every summer with temperatures rising so are the deaths in these poor dogs owners to concerned about them self's having a good time leaving dogs tied up outside shops, cafes, beaches and so on and its not nice seeing them suffer i cant go out in my area in fear that i will start a debate with dog owners because its distressing seeing all those dogs suffer.

This petition was rejected

Why was this petition rejected?

We can't publish petitions when the request is something that's already happening or something that has been announced since you started your petition.

We think your petition is covered by Government or Parliament action already. If you'd like something else, you could start a new petition clearly explaining what it is.

We understand you're concerned about the welfare of dogs in hot weather, however the Animal Welfare Act 2006 already makes it an offence if a person causes, by act or omission, an animal to suffer. This would cover suffering caused by taking a dog for a walk in excessive heat.

The Government's code of practice for the welfare of dogs, which provides owners and keepers with information on how to meet the welfare needs of their animals, and can be used in courts as evidence in cases brought before them relating to poor welfare, specifically highlights the risks of heat stress:

Decisions about investigating alleged animal welfare offences and prosecuting these are a matter for the police and Crown Prosecution Service, not the Government or House of Commons.

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