Rejected petition Change rules stating that you must be fully vaccinated in order to have a life?!

We should not be required to be double dosed in order to go out. People that are double jabbed are able to go on holiday without isolating. These are the people that will then be mingling in large social events. Without them isolating they’ll be the ones spreading the virus! Let everyone live!

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Get rid of the rule that you have to be double jabbed and let people live with covid. Those who want the jab or need it will have it and those that don’t can live with their choices accordingly. We can’t be on restricted lives forever. People will die at the end of the day and it’s a hard truth we have to live with. There’s never going to be a time where there isn’t illness threatening all of our lives so let us actually make the most of them whilst we can! Especially after the year we’ve had.

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