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Petition Make the £20 per week uplift to Universal Credit permanent.

Confirm that the uplift will be incorporated, permanently, into the standard rate of Universal Credit, for all present and future claimants of Universal Credit.

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To withdraw it will make the already precarious financial position of the most vulnerable members of our society, particularly those who cannot, or have great difficulty working, such as the sick and single parents of small children, much worse. Increasing the national living wage will not compensate for its removal, and in any event will reduce entitlement to Universal Credit.

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MPs debate Universal Credit and Working Tax Credits

Yesterday MPs debated the Labour Party's call for the Government to cancel planned cuts to Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit. This was an opposition day debate on a motion chosen by the Labour Party. 
Watch the debate:
Read a transcript of the debate:

What are Opposition Days? 

Opposition days are days allocated in the House of Commons for the discussion of subjects chosen by the opposition (non-government) parties. If MPs vote in favour of a motion tabled on an opposition day, the result are not usually seen as binding on the Government.
Find out more about Opposition days:  

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