Rejected petition Recognize vaccinations from outside of the UK Programme.

Citizens from outside UK receive the same geniune and recognized Pfizer(a.o) vaccines. Anyone arriving into UK that's vaccinated, but not under the UK programme, have to quarantine for a significant period of their stay, whilist UK Vaccinated individuals do not. It's illogical and confusing.

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Many of us in Great Britain are from various backgrounds. We have family, friends, expats living in different countries. They cannot visit for a short period of time without quarantine even for serious reasons (Funerals, child-births) even if they are fully vaccinated with the same product as we are here in the UK. This creates an unneccesary difficulty and a two-faced situation where UK aims to create 'Vaccination Passports' that fail recognizing other countries efforts. It's bad diplomacy.

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You might be interested to know that the Government has indicated it plans to allow foreign nationals who have received a UK-approved vaccine to enter the UK without needing to quarantine:

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