Rejected petition Ensure that rules for Uni students COVID vaccinations can actually be met by all

If rules regarding COVID vaccinations for University students are introduced, the government must ensure that students who are currently 17 have time to meet the new rules. Currently they are only able to have 1 jab before Uni starts, and may need up to 6 weeks after Uni starts for their 2nd

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Currently the Government are considering excluding Uni students from aspects of Uni life, such as accommodation and live lectures unless they have 2 jabs.
But currently it is impossible for most 17 year olds to get a jab before they turn 18.
This means that it will be impossible for anyone turning 18 in late July or August to get 2 jabs in time for Uni.
If restrictions are introduced in September, they need to be based on 1 jab, or potentially 2 jabs if introduced in early November.

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