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Negotiate to rejoin the EU pet passport scheme now!

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The new system of having to go to the vet for an Animal Health Certificate every time I travel to the EU with my pet and, being charged upto £250 for the privilege, is extortionate and overly bureaucratic. This is just one of the many negative consequences of brexit. The Government should negotiate a better deal with the EU in which we can rejoin the pet passport scheme. The new scheme is essentially a punitive tax on pet owners which adversely effects those on lower incomes more than the wealthy.

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MPs to debate pet travel on Thursday 2 December

MPs will hold a debate on pet travel on Thursday 2 December in Westminster Hall. The debate will be led by Sheryll Murray MP.

The debate will start at 3pm and last for up to an hour and a half.

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This will be a general debate. General debates allow MPs to debate important issues, however they do not end in a vote nor can they change the law.

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