Closed petition Negotiate reciprocal Youth Mobility Visas with European countries

The Government should seek to negotiate reciprocal arrangements with European states to allow young Britons & Europeans to obtain the equivalent of Temporary Worker Visas (T5).

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This would allow these young folk to travel, work & learn about the UK & Europe (max 2yrs), just like Australians, Canadians, Japanese, Koreans, Taiwanese, etc, can.

Maintain and develop cultural, language and educational exchange between Great Britain and European countries. At the same time providing young, enthusiastic and ambitious British and European people with the opportunity to work in other countries during their GAP years. Helping in sectors like the NHS and Social Care in the Community (e.g. live-in carers), Hospitality, Childcare (e.g. au–pairs) & Agricultural sectors, etc.. Such temporary work should not increase net immigration.

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