Closed petition Ban the use of stickers on fruit and vegetables sold in shops and supermarkets.

In one survey, out of 2600 respondents, 94% agreed the stickers are wasteful. Ban these fruit/vegetable stickers. One alternative to sticker use is laser printing. We could follow what Sweden started in 2017, laser printing barcodes onto its avocados and sweet potatoes. This doesn’t damage the food.

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These stickers are removed immediately and they find their way to landfill. The fruit has its own packaging as provided by Mother Nature, it is not necessary to have these stickers which turn a healthy snack into an environmental hazard? The stickers are usually created out of a thin layer of plastic, such as vinyl. There have been several ideas to replace this kind of branding, like using edible barcodes on the fruits. We must discourage the use of plastic in every way we possibly can.

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