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Petition Remove Brazil from the Red to the Amber list

Brazil has over a quarter of its population fully-vaccinated (over 72 million people) – more than the whole UK population. Multiple European countries have opened their borders for Brazilian’s citizens vaccinated or with a negative PCR test. Please take it into consideration to move Brazil to Amber.

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In Brazil the daily COVID19 infection rate has decreased steadily. In 06/09 9,154 new cases were reported whereas in the UK 41,192 and in India (recently removed from Red list) 30,184. Delta is the predominant variant-Rio (86%) and Sao Paulo (~70%).

Brazil partially vaccinated population is 65%–same as Germany, more than US (62%) and India (38%) –, fully vaccinated is 31% (India 11%), some areas have started to vaccinate 12-17 years-old, and will start a 3rd dose for over 70s in the second half of September.

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