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Petition Require Full Nutritional Data For All Food Products - Packed/Pre-packed & Loose

Require full nutritional data on every food product whether packed (as current), pre-packed (as amended) or loose, either on the product or in close proximity to the point of sale. It is totally farcical that, if you order a pizza you don't need to label it, but if it was on the shelf, you do.

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There are twice as many diabetic sufferers in the UK as allergy sufferers but currently they are effectively being discriminated against as they do not have access to nutritional data on any pre-packed for direct sale, loose products or restaurant/cafe/street vendor products. Without the carbohydrate data, they cannot calculate their insulin dosage - the majority will also not purchase. Diabetics are being discriminated against wherever they go to eat - even if they only want an ice-cream.

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