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Closed petition Make St David's day a bank holiday in Wales

Dydd Gwyl Dewi / St David's Day has always been a significant day in Cymru / Wales, and has been used to celebrate everything Welsh. It's time to make this special day a bank holiday in Wales, just like Scotland has St Andrew's Day, and Ireland has St Partick's Day as bank holidays.

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Government responded

This response was given on 8 March 2022

The Government appreciates the significance of St David’s Day to the people of Wales. However, there are no plans for an extra bank holiday. The current pattern of bank holidays is well established.

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We appreciate the sentiment behind this request; however, the Government has no current plans to change the well-established and accepted arrangements for bank holidays in Wales.

The decisions to create bank holidays for St Andrew's Day, and St Patrick's Day have been developed against a backdrop of different histories, economic, social, cultural and legal systems. Different factors require separate considerations.

Although an additional bank holiday may benefit some communities and sectors, the cost to the economy of an additional bank holiday remains considerable. The latest analysis estimates the cost for a one-off bank holiday (across the whole of the UK) to be around £2bn.

The Government regularly receives requests for additional bank and public holidays to celebrate a variety of occasions. However, the current pattern of bank holidays is well established and accepted. The Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971 provides the basis for UK bank holidays each year and contains provisions for appointing additional or substitute days. Additional bank holidays, including those created after 1971, and some substitute days (for example when bank holidays fall at a weekend) are appointed by Royal proclamation.

There are eight permanent bank and public holidays in England and Wales. There are nine in Scotland and ten in Northern Ireland.

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy