Rejected petition To Legalise and decriminalise cannabis and allow GPs to prescribe it.

To allow Cannabis to be legalised for anyone over the age of 18 and for cannabis to be prescribed by GP’s, it is so unfair that people with disabilities who rely on this plant for pain relief have to pay into private prescriptions paying huge import tax or get street weed that isn’t even regulated.

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I would like cannabis to be legalised on all terms for over 18s, the widespread epidemic of spiked cannabis is such a big problem. By keeping cannabis illegal it is more damaging as street cannabis can be mixed with all sorts of things; such as Spice, opiods, asbestos, glass and so many different things as well as the use of PGRs . People are smoking it either way, so at least with legislation the money is going back into our society with big impact, there is billions in revenue in the industry.

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