Petition Require bold environment warnings on wasteful food and drink packaging.

All wasteful food and drink packaging should be labelled in a bold red warning triangle "Not Waste-Free".

By wasteful we mean not recyclable nor compostable. The label should be on the front panel.

Waste-free living is what we want, is an Earthshot goal, and should be easy!

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Searching for tiny recycling logos or faint "not currently recycled" excuses, particularly for those with poor eyesight, is a pain! The red triangle will make waste instantly obvious, helping us to (a) bin it correctly, not contaminating other well-sorted material (b) avoid buying it, and (c) push suppliers away from it.
While much packaging today is proudly waste-free, it should become the norm, we should be able to assume it is waste-free unless loud and clear warnings state otherwise.

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