Rejected petition Make fireworks only available to purchase to license & permit holders only.

I believe fireworks should be sold to those with valid permits and/or licenses. I do not think the general public should be allowed to purchase them. Along side accidents, there are many negative connotations attached to fireworks. Whether it be frightened animals or those suffering with PTSD.

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Fireworks can be used 16hours a day, any day. Even more so on special occasions. The prohibited use of ‘public purchasing’ fireworks will mean that not everyone has to be scared that fireworks are going to be going off constantly and within such a close proximity. Those suffering with anxiety disorders and PTSD are largely affected. Animals of all types, domestic & wild, are caused unnecessary trauma just to have a few loud bangs in your garden. Fire services are overworked due to accidents

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Make fireworks illegal to buy, with the exception of public displays.

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