Rejected petition Legalise Cannabis for Medicinal purposes.

For Cannabis to be legal for medical use. To have it available in the Uk.

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I have an Epileptic partner and grandparents that suffer with a lot of different illnesses. I think that given this “drug” it would make a significant difference in their health. To have to buy it on the streets you have no idea what’s going into it and it’s not always the pain release they need. It can be controlled as America has proved.

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We can't publish petitions when the request is something that's already happening or something that has been announced since you started your petition.

We think your petition is covered by Government or Parliament action already. If you'd like something else, you could start a new petition clearly explaining what it is.

We understand you are concerned about the ability of patients to legally access cannabis for medicinal purposes. However the use of cannabis on prescription for rare, severe forms of epilepsy is already legal, so we're not sure what it is you would like the Government to do differently. You can find out more about this here:

If there is a specific change you would like the Government to make to the law regarding the medical use of cannabis, you could start a petition about that.

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