Closed petition Restrict Cat 3 fireworks to professionals & require licences for Cat 2 fireworks

Extend restrictions on Cat 4 fireworks, which can only be used by professionals, to Cat 3 fireworks, and require personal fireworks licences - similar to those used in NI - for the purchase of Cat 2 fireworks. Retailers should be required to store licence numbers for all fireworks sold.

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These measures should:

1. Reduce increasingly anti-social use of fireworks, to protect emergency responders and public.
2. Reduce amount of injuries related to fireworks (116 hospital admissions in 2020/2021, 3600 A&E visits between 2015 to 2019)
3. Reduce noxious pollutants (AQIN in 2020 shows almost tripled levels of particulate matter in some areas during bonfire night), including greenhouse gasses and heavy metals.
4. Reduce undue stress inflicted to people on the autistic spectrum, people with PTSD, and animals.

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