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Petition Fast-track rollout of Covid vaccine in 5-11s post MHRA approval

With Covid rates currently highest in young children, parents should be given the choice to vaccinate 5-11yrs as soon as MHRA grant approval.

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The Pfizer vaccine was approved by MHRA in 16-17s in December 2020, but not rolled out until August 2021. Approval for 12-15s was in June 2021, but was not rolled out until 3 months later. These delays resulted in unnecessary illness, morbidity & deaths in children and families.

We do not yet fully understand the long-term health risks of being infected with Covid-19, but neurological, vascular & organ damage have been identified as possible effects. We ask that the Government take into account these long term health risks, as well as Long Covid-related disability, when considering vaccinations for 5-11 year olds.

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