Petition Make it a legal duty to report when a dog attacks or kills a cat

If you are the owner of a dog that attacks a cat, or you witness a cat being attacked and killed by a dog, then you should have a legal duty to report it. More than likely it is someones pet.

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My 1 year old cat went outside like she did every day. The same afternoon she was found dead not far from my home, next to a primary school and cricket club on a public path. I was tracked down through a Facebook group where a kind citizen posted that they had found a deceased cat, trying to track their owner, and luckily I got her back. Where she was found there would have been people walking past, and no one did anything to report it or alert anyone. She was wearing a collar so was obviously someones pet - mine. Vet confirmed she suffered a large amount of trauma to her body and confirmed she had been attacked by a dog.

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