Rejected petition Legalise & Legislate to Regulate a market for Recreational & Medicinal Cannabis.

1) Legalise Recreational cannabis in the UK create a regulated business framework.

2) Allow Home Grown Cannabis (4 - 12 ) Plants for medical use.

3) The Government indicates 4.7 million adults use it,
market value of £6 billion per year.
Reduce the criminal supply chain and tax the profits.

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Despite being the largest exporter of medical cannabis in the world, the UK currently imports 100% of its cannabis-based medicines.
Opportunities in this sector remain immense.

The numbers of consumers are likely to increase as access to medical cannabis improves.

Governments around the globe are relaxing their laws surrounding Cannabis.

It's an opportunity to reduce policing costs and open up a additional tax revenues.

Project Twenty21in the UK is already backed by one of the UK’s leading medical bodies.

Over 25% currently in prison for drug offences, Free up Policing time and reduce costs.

Do the best for the UK protecting children from county lines, reducing crime and benefiting of our health and local economy.

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