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Petition Don't offer covid-19 vaccine to 5-11 year olds until phase 3 trials complete

Do not roll out covid-19 vaccines to 5-11 year olds until phase 3 trials for that age are complete & there is a clear risk benefit analysis for the individual child, based on health only. They should not be vaccinated solely for the benefit of the wider population.

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The Pfizer trial for 5-11 year olds was only on 4.5k children & they were followed for 2 months after the 2nd dose, therefore there is no long-term safety data. One study suggests an increased risk of myocarditis in teenage boys, though this is yet to be peer reviewed and is based on self-reporting of suspected symptoms in the US. We feel the current under-11s trial is too small to evaluate this risk. Children rarely get serious symptoms or die of COVID.

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