Closed petition Give nearly expired Covid vaccines to countries with a shortage, don't bin them!

The UK government bought lots of vaccines, and got them into the arms of most of us. We got a life back; Fab!
The current policy seems to be, if we can't use doses before they go out of date: bin them.
Please donate them instead to countries who don't have the means to get vaccines doses.

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Because we weren't sure which vaccines would work & be ready in time, we bought way more than we needed, maybe as much as 400 million for 2022!!
1. The more unvaccinated people there are on the planet, the greater the risk a new variant that is resistant to vaccines will emerge.
2. Many countries in the world can't get vaccines because we (rich countries) pushed the price up & have most of the stock
3. Binning vaccines under these circumstances is deeply immoral

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